About our Sales and Rent Refunds

Peddler’s Junction is offering vendor goods for sale in a store environment.  We do not issue refunds on general sold vendor products.  The only exception is for vendors selling "pallet products" . Vendors who sell “pallet products” understand a customer can return a pallet item purchased (with a receipt within 72 hours from purchase).  .As a customer you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing any vendor item. Customers are encouraged to test products before they purchase.  


Products sold are offered on behalf of our respected vendors.  No discount will be given of the Price of the Products unless the vendor authorizes it. Before making the decision to buy, Customers are advised to read and understand this policy. 

Both the Refund and Discount policy is hereby communicated to Customers to prevent misunderstanding and disputes.

No Vendor Rent Or Deposit Refunds
Vendors who pay rent or deposits understand that rent and deposits are collected and are non-refundable.  Vendors are paying to occupy a space within our facility and in doing so agree to our rental terms and conditions to timely pay the space deposits and monthly rent due.  Any periodic fees assessed and paid to vendor accounts are also not refundable, unless an entry error is made by one of our Peddler's Junction Staff members in applying such periodic fee(s)..  

Cancellation Policy

Move-In Vendor Rentals:
Due to limited vendor spaces we request that new move-in Vendors contact us at least 2 days before their move-in date to cancel their request to rent a space with Peddler's Junction. This gives us the opportunity to fill the space from our vendor wait list. Vendors who have not moved in yet may cancel by phone.  Any deposit to hold a space will not be refunded.  

Leaving Vendors:

A current vendor renting space at Peddler's Junction agrees to provide written notice of their intent to move out and cancel these rental terms by the 23rd day of the month in which they are leaving.  This serves as the current vendor monthly cancellation cutoff date.  Current Vendors who give notice after the monthly cancellation cutoff date, will be charged a $50.00 late termination processing fee (regardless of the duration of days remaining to end of the month).

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