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Peddler's Junction Athens Location

At just over fifty-one thousand square feet, Peddler's Junction Athens is the largest premier indoor vendor market at Market on State. The store has 400+ vendor space options to choose from.


The interior mall of Market of State offers a warm rustic walk to several regional and national brand stores and will serve as the primary entrance for Peddler's Junction.

Additional Area Details

In (and nearby) Market on State and the new Peddler's Junction store are a number of well established attractions for a wide variety of customers. There are also a number of university activity and sport arenas as well as the Athens Cinema.

  • Major Retail Stores

  • Regional and Local Restaurants

  • University Arenas

  • Farmers Markets

  • City Attractions

  • Major Hotels


Tucked in the corner of Southeast Ohio, Athens County has several towns known for their food, shopping, relaxation, entertainment, university sports, and hip family friendly events.

More About Athens County

The Basics


Monthly Vendor Services Provided:
  • Monthly Contracts
  • Full Cash Services
  • Automatic Sales Tax Collection
  • Rental Discount Options
  • Booth Transfer Options
At Peddler's Junction Athens we have various booth, shelf, showcase and lockable spaces set at extremely attractive rates. We take zero - that's right zero - percent sales commission on vendor sales! 


Our online "Rent Estimator" provides an easy way to calculate estimated monthly space costs as a vendor (before any special discounts are applied).



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Rental Discounts

When a vendor decides to pre-pay (3 or more months) rent , we offer a special discount on the total rent being paid. The pre-pay discount is applied after other discounts have already been applied to the contract pricing.
Providing opportunities for vendors to reduce their monthly rent supports efforts to grow and sustain their business. It's why we created the Refer A Vendor program. Vendors who refer a new vendor (that stays for 3 or more months) will receive a $50 credit to their account. There is no limit to the number of vendors that can be referred.
Pre-calculated location discounts provide vendors ways to find the right balance between cost and location within the store. Pre-calculated location discounts are offered to vendors regardless of the number of spaces they rent and are based on the location of the space in the store. There are no location discounts for green zone spaces.

Sizes and Options

Small Space Rentals
  • Shelving Unit
  • 4x2 (cubbies)
  • Kiosk Stand
  • 8x8 and 8x10
Large Space Rentals
  • 8x12
  • 10x10, 10x12 and 10x15
Special Rental Options
  • Showcase Space
  • Large Wooden Shelf Unit
  • 2x5 (lockables)
  • 3x15 with wall space
  • End Cap Display Area
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