As a Vendor, you agree in good faith, to services and assigned rental space(s) only on a Month-to-Month basis.  Further, Vendors understand and agree to these general terms and conditions below:

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Monthly Cost

Vendors agree to pay, on a continuous monthly basis until properly canceled, their Monthly Space Rent.  Peddler’s Junction will provide an overview of your monthly rent. 

Rent Refunds

Monthly rent and fees are non-refundable. 

When Due

Vendors agree to pay monthly rent on or before the first (1st) day of every month.  Vendors understand any unpaid balances will be automatically deducted from sales check processing each month.


Vendors agree to pay due amounts using one (or more) of the following payment methods: 

  • Cash

  • Check (or Cashier's Check)

  • Debit/Credit Card

  • Online Payment

If a check is not honored by a bank, (either by: “NSF”, “Stop Payment “or other bank reasons), a $35.00 fee will be added to the total rent owed.

Late Fees

Vendor agrees if the normal monthly rent has not been paid on or before the 1st of each month, Peddler’s Junction has the right to apply a late fee on overdue monthly rent according to Peddler’s Junction late fee table.


Vendors agree that sales from the 1st day of the previous month through the last day of the previous month are paid on the 8th day following the month close. 

Sales Transactions

Vendors agree that all items sold must go through the central registers; Vendors are not permitted to sell merchandise or collect money in their rented space. 

Product Tags

All Vendor merchandise must follow Peddlers Junction UNIQUE tag guidelines.  Customer Service will provide the guideline requirements for Vendor tags.  Each tag must also have: 

  • Booth Number

  • Price

  • Brief Description

The use of "price guns" to tag products is not permitted.  

If the item is on sale, the Vendor must place a new tag on the item; do not mark through a price and write the sale price.  

Sales Tax

Peddler’s Junction will collect and pay state sales and city tax.

Credit Card Fees

Vendor agrees that Peddler’s Junction shall deduct a Credit Card fee on each transaction made by credit or debit card.  This applied only to transactions by credit/debit card!  

"AS IS" Sales

All Merchandise will be sold on an “as is” basis unless the vendor approves a refund (exception:  pallet sold merchandise).  Vendors who sell “pallet products” understand there is an automatic 72-hour customer receipt return guarantee on products sold.

Sales Refunds

Peddler's Junction does not discount any product for sale unless the vendor authorizes it.

General Space Info

Peddler’s Junction takes pride in the booths provided to our Vendors. Wall construction and maintenance are a large part of that.  Vendors agree that booths come with standard OSB/ pegboard walls.

Booth Modifications

Modification to a booth is allowed with the approval of management. Vendors agree to talk to Peddler’s Junction Management before making any changes to the provided space walls, noting that no booth walls will be over 8 feet tall, and no fencing material of any kind shall be used in rented space. Vendor agrees that any modifications made to the rental space become property of Peddler’s Junction. Vendors are not permitted to paint floors.  Vendors agree that rented booth space must be tastefully built and always maintained.

Cleaning Fees

Vendors agree that booths must be clean, clutter free and free of all hazards.  Vendors who do not follow this clean booth policy will be charged $45.00 from Peddler’s Junction to clean their space.

No Promise Rule

Vendors agree not to promise their rented space(s) to someone else upon departure.  Once notice has been provided that the Vendor is leaving, Vendors agree Peddler’s Junction has the right to re-rent the space at any time the space becomes empty.

Sharing Space

Vendors agree that Peddler’s Junction does not allow vendors to share rental space.

Product Security

Vendor agrees Peddler's Junction is released, indemnified and held harmless from any and all liability of vendor merchandise while selling on their behalf. Vendors understand Peddler's Junction will not hold insurance for Vendor products; Vendors are encouraged to have their own product insurance while renting.

Selling Limitations

Vendors understand and agree they can display any legal item for sell within Peddler's Junction assigned designated space(s).  With this said, there are some special selling rules which Vendors must agree to follow:


Banned Items

  • Absolutely no pornography of any kind allowed to be sold.

  • Animals (preserved or alive) are not allowed to be sold.

  • No open flamed items are permitted in the store. You are not permitted to light any devices for demonstration purpose.

  • "Knock off or Imitation" items are not allowed to be sold.

  • Drug related paraphernalia (including water pipes) are not allowed to be sold.

  • Items that require state issued "special licensing" from the state of Ohio (such as fresh meat, cheese, alcohol or tobacco) cannot be sold.

  • NO firearms can be sold. (EXCEPTION: antique guns dated before 1898 can be sold if date is verified against code 26 U.S.C 5845(G)).

  • No items that smell of alcohol allowed. (Old whiskey decanters must be cleaned).

  • Any Item considered illegal according to current Ohio revised code can not be sold.

Special Conditions

  • No USED items with stuffing (chair, couches, pillows, etc) can be sold without having an official “spray license tag” on the product.

    • No commercial prepackaged food is allowed to be sold; permitted cottage food items are allowed to be sold.

  • Knifes, "Personal Protection Items", swords, antique guns, crossbows, slingshots, and/or other dangerous item must be sold in locked case.

  • Flammable Products: (such as lamps, lighters, chainsaws, weed eaters,) should be emptied of fuel before bringing in to sell, and remain empty while for sale.

Loading/Unloading Products

When bringing merchandise into rented Space, Vendors agree to inform the staff, enter as directed and follow all safety guidelines. Vendors agree to inform Peddler’s Junction staff (and allow inspection of all items) bringing in or removed from the store.


Vendors agree that swearing and telling "off color" jokes is strictly prohibited.  Further it is understood that Peddler’s Junction does not allow comments from Vendor’s that promote, foster, or perpetuate discrimination based on race, creed, color, age, religion, gender, marital status, status about public assistance, national origin, physical or mental disability or sexual orientation.


Unless notified in writing a vendor will leave, Vendors agree these rental terms and conditions and monthly cost(s) for assigned spaces will automatically renew on the first day of every month.

Right Reservation

Peddler’s Junction reserves the right to modify and/or change the terms and conditions of this rental agreement, including rental rates, at any time.   Peddler’s Junction will always notify Vendors of any rental amount, or general term and condition changes.  Vendors agree to the responsibility of understanding timing and impact of such changes. 


Vendors release, indemnifies, and holds Peddlers Junction LLC, Tanner Property Management Inc, its employees’, agents, affiliated and subsidiary companies, DBA's, and owners harmless from any and all liability. 

No License Required

Because we use centralized cashiering and collect funds, anyone can be a vendor.  No vendor's license is required to set up and display products for sale. We also take care of all sales tax filings.  

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